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The Willow Creek Trading Post and General Store is one mile west of the Ward Charcoal Ovens. When visiting the charcoal ovens you need to stop in at the trading post. See the live buffalo they are raising at the trading post. Go in and look at the items they have inside. See the old antique machinery they have outside of the trading post, and then plan to have a buffalo burger. They are delicious.

Buffalo meat is delicious. It has no wild taste like the other wild animals. It tastes just like beef without the fat. Buffalo meat has much less fat than beef. Those of you who are on a low fat or fat free diet can eat buffalo meat and not have to worry about going off your diet.

Get up close and personal with the friendly buffalo. Even though they are wild animals at this ranch you can feed them some of the pellets that they love so much. The owners will take you out among the buffalo and let you feed them some of the pellets. Click for large image

Click on the image to view a large image of the bull buffalo. He is a beautiful animal. It is just beginning to get warm and they are shedding their winter coat. The hair that comes off in the spring time is very soft. It would make a wonderful warm sweater for those who know how to spin the hair into yarn. Click for large image

Here is another image of the buffalo at the trading post. Click on the image to enlarge. The owners will sell live buffalo, buffalo meat, and breeding stock. It is a great place to get the buffalo in any form you would like. Right now they have three live buffalo for sale. They also have buffalo steaks, roasts and burger for sale.

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