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The McGill Drug Store Museum, located 12 miles north of Ely, in the town of McGill, Nevada. It was owned by Dan and Elsa Culburt. It closed around 1983. Today it is a museum and has a wonderful working soda fountain. It has the best ice cream.

The town of McGill was established in 1908. It was named after William M. McGill, who was a prominent rancher. He owned all of the property which is now the town of McGill. Click here for large image.

McGill is the site of the copper smelting from the copper mine located just outside of Ruth, Nevada. The ore was transported from the mine to the smelter by ore trains. Most of the smelter is gone now. There are several old buildings left on the east side of the town. The old train depot is still standing. It is where most of the McGill high school students caught the train to ride to Ely, where they went to high school at White Pine High School.

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